Once We Get the PR for Australia within How Many Days We Have To Land in Australia?

Many queries are logged in by visitors on our websites stating, once we get The PR for Australia within How Many Days We Have To Land in Australia? Entry time stipulations vary for each route of migration and are indicated separately along with the classifications of the immigration statutes of Aussie immigration.

Australian permanent resident permit is a prized possession and it enables person to enter and settle down permanently in the country. With the grant of this status you get an unrestricted permission to seek employment and education at your will (although you must fulfill certain residence tenure conditions in case you have earned your permanent residence through provincial nomination).

Several other privileges are extended upon grant of permanent residence status like

  • You and your family have an unrestricted permission to reside and seek employment in any part of country (under independent visa you get the permissions right away upon entry into the country or being promoted to this status from temporary residential class. Under provincial class this privilege is extended only after the completion of minimum residence term in the nominating province)
  • You and your family have an access to all facilities (except a strategic few) and rights at par with the Australian citizens like medicare, social grants etc.

Australia PR requests are being decided in matter of 6 months in case of provincial nominations and 12 months in case of independent federal class 189, while business migration permanent residence requests are being addressed and decided in a time frame of 9 months to 28 months depending on the risk perception of investments.

Permanent residential permit is attainable either through a direct entry segment visa subclass or through a 2 step process which mandates grant of a temporary permission for a specified period and subsequent promotion to permanent status (by placing a request for permanent residence)

If you placing a request for Australia PR from your country of origin or current residence, you must create an EOI and complete all required formalities associate with request placement.

Once you are selected to be advanced to next stage of application process it is essential to file all required documentary supportings mentioned in your EOI. Processing of second can take upto a maximum of 12 months or 28 months depending on class filed.

Once Australia PR Is Granted You have to Land in Australia within the time tenure indicated in your visa grant document. The document also reflects initial entry date and advice as to what you must do after receipt of the visa grant advice.

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