Australia Immigration Easy Affair for Financial & Investment Analysts

Australia needs a large number of professionals from various professional groups, to meet the increasing demand of skilled and semi-skilled manpower. Financial & Investment Analysts are one of them. As one of the professionals, you can easily process your Australia immigration process under the ANZSCO Code 222311.

Australia, better known as the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, is a dream destination. The country of crystal-clear beaches has a well developed and progressive economy. The nation’s infrastructure is well developed, in terms of per capita income the country ranks fifth. No wonder, to this prosperous southern hemisphere country, lakhs of people are eager to immigrate from across the globe. Professionals like Financial & Investment Analysts are lucky that they are wanted in ‘Down Under’.

The aspects of Financial and Investment Analysts are extremely bright and the choice of immigrating to Australia is a perfect choice. Oz has multiple vacancies and offers a very good opportunity to these experts to successfully apply and immigrate. Lately, the country has witnessed a sharp increase in the demand of these professionals and the experts predict that the demand would continue to increase remarkably for at least the next few years.

These professionals provide their expertise in developing and implementing financial plans for individuals as well as organizations. They advise them on various investment strategies and implication of tax, insurance, real estate and pension plans and. To work as one of the Financial & Investment Analysts, you need to obtain a license from an authorized authority.

Major Tasks

  • Interview clients to determine their financial capability, objectives and accordingly discuss their financial options and develop financial and investment plan best suited to them.
  • Keep an eye on the investment progress and review investment plans on the basis of their specific requirements.
  • Proffer counsel and arrange insurance cover for their clients.
  • Assist in buying and disposing-off stocks and bonds for their customers.
  • Proffer counsel on the various investment strategies, funding sources, and relative distribution of their earnings.
  • Set financial targets, develop and apply strategies for gaining the set financial goals.
  • Administer finance raised from personal saving plans.
  • Lend a hand in obtaining superannuation compliance requirements.
  • Supervise the collection of accounting, investment, and financial information.
  • Get ready the reports, budgets and forecasts statutory returns.

The alternative title given to these experts is Financial Planning Adviser, and the in demand occupation is mentioned on various Australian lists, such as Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List, and the RSMS Occupations List.

Qualifications Required

The aspirants need to meet a set level of skill commensurate with a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree from a renowned organization/university. Not less than 5 years of appropriate experience may very well substitute the official qualifications. In some cases, pertinent experience and/or on-the-job training could be required, on and above the prescribed qualifications (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

Although the Australia immigration process is well settled, transparent and easy-to-access, it is advisable to consult an immigration expert and assess your capability in order to immigrate to your dream destination using your skills as one of the qualified Financial & Investment Analysts.

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