Canada Immigration Good Option for Trained Computer Engineers

Computer Engineers are quite a renowned professionals not only in Canada but worldwide. However, if your dream destination is the ‘Maple Leaf Country’, i.e., Canada, then you need start making preparations for Canada immigration worry as the mentioned professionals are currently wanted across the country. Many Canadian provinces and territories are currently eager to welcome professionals like you to cater to the needs of the growing demand within the industry.

The ‘Land of Opportunity’ is, perhaps, the most preferred immigration destinations for lacs of people who intend to immigrate. This multi-cultural country offers loads of well-paying opportunities to the skilled professionals. And since too long skilled professionals have been the country’s all time favorites. The uniqueness of this country is its bilingual status. It has always helped the immigrants feel at home and make the country their second home.

Work Profile

These professionals conduct research, modify, develop designs, plan, analyze, and integrate hardware parts and other equipment’s related to computer and telecommunications as well as of information and communication system networks, which includes mainframe systems, local and wide area networks, fiber-optic networks, wireless communication networks, internet and other data communications systems.

Some given occupational titles to these professionals

  • Application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design engineer
  • Computer engineer
  • Computer hardware engineer
  • Engineer, computer hardware
  • Engineer, telecommunications hardware
  • Fibre-optic network designer
  • Hardware circuit board designer
  • Hardware design engineer
  • Hardware development engineer
  • Hardware engineer
  • Network systems engineer
  • Network test engineer
  • Systems designer õ hardware
  • Technical architect õ hardware
  • Wireless communications network engineer


A three years bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Electrical or Electronics Engineering, Engineering Physics or Computer Science. For higher positions, you may be required either a Master’s or Doctoral Degree in the related subject. It is mandatory to obtain a License from an authorized provincial or territorial association of the Professional Engineers.

Major Duties

Computer Engineers are expected to perform these responsibilities:

  • Design and develop system architecture and specifications as per the users’ requirements.
  • Conduct research, develop, design and integrate various computer and telecommunications hardware; for example, microprocessors, integrated circuit boards, and semiconductor lasers.
  • Design and develop verification simulations and prototype bench tests of components.
  • Monitor, inspect and provide support in terms of designing while installing, manufacturing, and execution of various computer and telecommunications hardware.
  • Develop professional relationships with suppliers and clients.

The country offers many progressive opportunities. However, there is no shortcut to success. Senior positions to these professionals are given on the basis of their experience and performance. Qualified Computer Engineers can easy collect a pay cheque of CAD $108,500 which can easily exceed with performance.

These professional skills of these experts are often exposed in a multidisciplinary environment and help them acquire knowledge and skills through practical work experience in a foreign environment. This may further help them to practice in associated areas like science, engineering, sales, marketing or management.

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