Australia Immigration for Skilled Workers Possible & Easy

Australia has ample visitors, from across the globe, and many migrants want to be a part of this developed economy. Oz has multiple job-openings for trained professionals even while skilled workers are accepted open heartedly, to boost and fuel the national economy.

For admission in the nation, an appropriate visa category should be made use of. One widely used permit class is the Skilled Worker Class. Australia immigration for skilled workers is basically based on the Skilled Independent 189 Visa. Under this visa class, the candidates should be skilled in any occupation which falls under the category of skilled migration.

A work experience would add up the chances of easy and hassle-free immigration. The aspirant should be under 50 years of age while filing a petition for the said permit. Besides, he also needs to have a rather good working knowledge of the English language and sail through a points-based test. Maximum marks to be attained under the points-test are 120.

The visa applied under the said category can help the aspirant gain the prized and the much sought after Permanent Resident (PR) Visa, and give him the liberty of applying for citizenship after five years. Sponsorship from an employer/recruiter may not be necessary, in case the aspirant achieves the criteria of 120 points, before duly applying.

An aspiring migrant can also submit a petition under the category Skilled Sponsored 190. This is essentially for the aspirant who fails to meet the requirement of the 120 points. He can look for sponsorship from an Australian citizen or from a particular territory or state.

This, too, calls for meeting certain requirements of passing skill assessment before applying for sponsorship to a particular state or territory. He needs to score 100 points, and 10 points are awarded for sponsorship. However, it needs to be noted that attaining obligatory points does not guarantees PR Permit. The final decision is made by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

In case an applicant manages to score 60 points, then a sponsorship letter is essential from a resident of Oz. Then the visa is granted under the Temporary Visa category and that too for a period of three years. The candidate can apply for PR after two years. This norm is covered under the Skilled Regional Sponsored 489 category.

An aspiring migrant needs to meet all the mandatory requirements and qualify for the skill assessment before applying for the sponsorship. Though the pass marks are 60 points, an applicant has to seek a sponsorship. The candidate, who is studying in the Kangaroo Land, has more fair chances of migrating.

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