Australia Immigration from India for Skilled Workers—Leading Visa Options

Doors of Australia are wide open for skilled workers from India even as Australia immigration can be possible for the aspirants, who are trained and keen to work in the foreign country. According to a news report, immigration will very much depend on the demand, and not on the supply of talented workers. Australia immigration from India for skilled workers will depend on the necessity that the Australian employer can employ only those migrants who have the right to work in Down Under.

For any trained Indian, who wishes to land in Oz, it is essential that he ensures that his employer is either an Australian citizen or has the PR of the nation. He can ask for some necessary details pertaining to receiving salary rates as per workers rates. It should cover travel expenses along with the necessary training of the work for which he is hired. The 457 Visa ensures that the worker is not exploited, and he is not underpaid as set by the law for the overseas workers.

Australia immigration for Indians is based on Skilled Workers Visa. The aspirant should meet the basic requirements. He should not be more than 50 years age. He should have adequate knowledge of English so that he can easily adjust in the overseas immigration destination.

Besides, his talents and skills should be in sync with the specific requirements of the nation. Workers from Indian–who are skilled in a particular profession in which the country needs trained workers–are more likely to get a visa for immigration to Australia.

The Kangaroo Land is interested in welcoming qualified migrants from India so that they can fill the many vacant positions which may be there, thanks to the promotion of workers or lack of talented candidates. Skilled Independent Visa 189 is perfect for all those talented Indian workers, who are interested in permanent entry, and living and working in the nation.

The necessary requirement for attaining this visa is that the aspiring Indian, who has submitted his Expression of Interest (EOI), to visit the nation, has to score at least 60 points. His occupation should be listed in the nation’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL). His work experience should be adequate and age should not be more than 50 years. Knowledge of the English language is mandatory.

Apart from the 189 Permit, the Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa also gives skilled aspirants a good gate pass to enter Down Under. To get this permit, an applicant has to get nominated from the territory or by the state. Only then only he will be allowed to work and live in the foreign hotspot.

Then there’s the nominated Provisional Visa Subclass 489. It is basically for those candidates, who have obtained sponsorship from a relative living in Oz. With this permit, a skilled worker he can stay in the Kangaroo Land for four years. The visa enables the holder to live and work in the nation. He can also invite his family and dependents to Australia.

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