Australia Immigration New Points System in Subclass 189

Came into an effect from July 1, 2012, the Australia government brought some changes to the Skilled Migration Visa Program (point based). Including the introduction of three new visas, the changes will replace some current visas for the new applicants.

The changes will include three visa subclasses – subclass 189 is one among them – grabbed as the most appropriate option by those who are seeking for an independent permanent skilled visa.

Subclass 189 Visa Requirements: —

Here are some important facts related to skilled visa requirements.

  1. Must have an invitation to file the application
  2. ust not be above 50 years old
  3. Must be able to satisfy points test mark
  4. Must be proficient in English
  5. Must nominate a skilled occupation from the list of relevant skilled occupation
  6. Must have a suitable skills assessment in nominated occupation

Point Test

In case invited to file the application, the applicants need to provide an adequate proof of minimum scoring point, only then, they will be invited to apply. The applicants must also take into account that their score (allowed when application is assessed) either must be equal or greater than the Expression of Interest (EOI).

The applicants are advised not to make any false claim to enhance their Expression of Interest score, if they do so, they must be ready to face refusal of their application.

Although scoring a pass mark needs to be fulfilled by everyone who intending to apply for the visa, still it is not necessary that everyone who score pass mark will get an invitation to apply. Invitation is meant to be issued to those who periodically considering the rank of their rank of Expression of Interest.

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