Quebec Skilled Worker Program – Length of Processing

Even though located in Canada, Quebec set an example of having a separate visa policy and allows foreign citizens to access under various visa programs. The Skilled Worker program – as the name suggests – serves its main purpose of luring overseas skilled professionals, and offers a permanent resident status. Managed by Quebec Provincial Authorities, Quebec Skilled Worker program got a wide popularity of catering the desires of skilled professionals who are looking for the best job opportunities in abroad.

Allowing restriction free immigration, the program brings a wonderful opportunity for those of IT professionals by highlighting huge job requirements in this sector. Besides, it also lets them enjoy the wonderful privilege of unrestricted entry of the Canadian job market. Even if you have not any job offer by the Quebec employers, still you are eligible to immigrate to Quebec under the Skilled Worker program.

Application Process

The application process for the Quebec Skilled Worker is made from several steps – the first step is consisted of filling the application form and then submission of the completed application at the Quebec Immigration Visa Post. You need to provide various other documents supporting your application at the time of submission of your application – then all the documents and the completed application will be assessed by the visa officer.

After reviewing your application and documents, the visa officer will make you inform whether you qualified for the next stage have or not. Once you qualify the first step, you require preparing yourself for the visa interview, which is the second step.

It is the visa officer who is concerned about conducting the visa interview just for assessing your French proficiency and various other factors as well. The venue for the visa interview will be the same, where you have filed your visa application. After the interview, the successful candidates along with their family members – will be chosen for the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).

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