Australia Immigration PR–Basic Requirements

Australia Immigration PR

Permanent Residency (PR) of a highly developed global economy like Australia is something which is coveted by most overseas immigration motivated aspirants. From India to Indonesia, from Albania to Algeria, a large number of ambitious people wish to move to the hotspot and acquire Australia Immigration PR, to live a wonderful and highly successful life.

The good news is that Australia, the Land of Kangaroos, is eager to further boost its economy by issuing a large number of PR Visas to the deserving candidates. Perhaps, it knows that skilled and talented workers are assets and they can further power its economic engine.

So it is hardly a matter of surprise, that so far, 2016 has been pretty promising for the PR applicants, and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)–the visa and immigration body responsible for managing the visa and immigration related affairs for the nation–has already issued a large number of PR Visas. The new applicants thus have high a hope for the coming months even while most of them are fairly positive of a positive outcome.

Now you might not have an idea how and where to begin with. If you are looking for the right avenue to have an idea about the Australia PR immigration procedure, then certainly you are at the right page. This article will give a good idea of the different visa types available and how to initiate the visa application.

PR Requirements

First, let’s look at the basic requirements!

  1. The DIBP gives preference to the young talent, especially those who are between the age group of 18 and 50.
  2. Although there is no mandatory requirement for language proficiency, it’s beneficial if you have a good language score.
  3. You must successfully meet the requirements to submit an application using either the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or the Consolidated Occupation list (CSOL).
  4. Using the SkillSelect, you will have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).
  5. Your background must be 100% clean and you should not have been involved in any kind of criminal or illegal activities earlier.

Australia PR Immigration–General Skilled Migration Programme

The General Skilled Migration Programme is rather famous worldwide especially among those who wish to acquire the esteemed and the much sought after Australian Permanent Residence Visa (PRV).

This is basically a point based system even as the applicants are awarded points on the basis of some of their personal attributions, such as age, language, adaptability, education, and experience.

To qualify and make the cut, each applicant is required to score at least 60 points. Some of the visa subclasses to obtain the PR Visas are Skilled Nominated Visa, Skilled Independent Visa, and Skilled (Provisional) Regional Visa.

Australia Immigration PR Visa

You may submit an application for PR Visa if:

  1. If you have sponsorship from your common law partner or spouse who is already the country’s permanent resident or citizen. You may apply for the PR Visa provided the sponsor agrees to help you financially and socially during the first two years of your stay in the country.
  2. If you have sponsorship from your family member. You must be sponsored by your family member, i.e., children, parent or a close relative who is either an Australian permanent resident or citizen.
  3. If you invest, manage or start your own business. To be eligible to apply for Australian PR, you can invest, manage or start your own business in the country. The nation’s PR Visa can be easily exchanged, in terms of monetary investment and contributing towards the country’s economic growth.

Down Under is the best immigration destination for those who aspire to acquire the PR Visa of a foreign nation. For the potential applicants, its strong economy, modern lifestyle, and thriving job opportunities are the major attractions, rightfully so. So, it is no wonder that taking the advantage of the nation’s economic demand, every year a large number of applicants apply for the Australia Immigration PR Visa.

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