Australia Immigration Skill List – 2017

Have You Checked Latest Australia Immigration Skill List?

As the economy of Australia grows and economic needs changes, the Australian government introduces a skill list that cannot be filled by the Australian citizens. Hence, positions need to be filled by the foreign trained skilled workers. Trained workers from across the globe wait for the Australia immigration skill list as they are looking for an opportunity to use their professional skills and immigrate to the hotspot.

Every year, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), along with Australian Government, reviews the skill list, and as per the country’s specific economic needs, either add new occupations or remove from the list. The 2016 -17 skills saw addition of some new skills, such as Audiologists, Prosthetist, and Orthotists.

If you wish to apply for the country’s visa through the General Skilled Migration Scheme, and are not sponsored/nominated by a state or territory, then you can nominate an occupation from the Australia Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

Australia Immigration Skill List

Following is the updated Australia Immigration Skill List

OccupationANZSCO CodeAssessing Authority
Construction project manager133111VETASSESS
Project builder133112VETASSESS
Engineering manager133211Engineers Australia/AIM
Production Manager (Mining)133513VETASSESS
Child Care centre manager134111TRA
Medical administrator134211VETASSESS
Nursing clinical director134212ANMAC
Primary health organization manager134213ANMAC
Welfare centre manager134214VETASSESS
Accountant (general)221111CPA/ICAA/NIA
Management accountant221112CPA/ICAA/NIA
Taxation accountant221113CPA/ICAA/NIA
External auditor221213CPA/ICAA/NIA
Internal auditor221214VETASSESS
Land economist224511VETASSESS
Ship’s engineer231212AMSA
Ship’s master231213AMSA
Ship’s officer231214AMSA
Landscape architect232112VETASSESS
Other Spatial Scientist232214VETASSESS
Chemical engineer233111Engineers Australia
Materials engineer233112Engineers Australia
Civil engineer233211Engineers Australia
Geotechnical engineer233212Engineers Australia
Quantity surveyor233213AIQS
Structural engineer233214Engineers Australia
Transport engineer233215Engineers Australia
Electrical engineer233311Engineers Australia
Electronics engineer233411Engineers Australia
Industrial engineer233511Engineers Australia

Mechanical engineer

233512Engineers Australia
Production or plant engineer233513Engineers Australia


Mining engineer (excluding petroleum)233611Engineers Australia


Petroleum engineer233612Engineers Australia
Aeronautical engineer233911Engineers Australia
Agricultural engineer233912Engineers Australia
Biomedical engineer233913Engineers Australia
Engineering technologist233914Engineers Australia
Environmental engineer233915Engineers Australia
Naval architect233916Engineers Australia
Agricultural consultant234111VETASSESS
Agricultural scientist234112VETASSESS
Medical laboratory scientist234611AIMS
Physicist (medical physicist only)234914ACPSEM
Early childhood (pre-primary school) teacher241111NOOSR/AITSL
Secondary school teacher241411NOOSR/AITSL
Special needs teacher241511AITSL
Teacher of the hearing impaired241512AITSL
Teacher of the sight impaired241513AITSL
Special education teachers nec241599AITSL
Medical diagnostic radiographer251211AIR
Medical radiation therapist251212AIR
Nuclear medicine technologist251213ANZSM
Environmental Health Officer251311VETASSESS
Occupational Health and Safety Advisor251312VETASSESS


Occupational therapist252411OTC
Speech pathologist252712SPA
General medical practitioner253111Medical Board of Australia

For complete SOL, you can visit the website of the DIBP.

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