Australian Immigration Permanent Residency

Australian Immigration Permanent Residency—Why It Is Much Sought After?

Who does not want to acquire the Australian Immigration permanent residency ? Hence, it is right to say it is a dream of almost every second immigrant. It’s been said about the country that it has been built by immigrants settled here from every corner of the world, and one third of its population consists of immigrants. Hence, the figure proves how popular the nation is among immigrants.

Australia Immigration Permanent Residency

Why people are eager to become permanent residents?

It’s a real difficult task to give one reason why people are eager to become the nation’s permanent residents. People from developing countries, especially from Asia, in huge numbers, apply for the Australian residency as the job opportunities there in are immense both for the semi skilled and the skilled workers. The country’s high Human Development Index (HDI) is also a key attraction.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits applicants enjoy after Australian immigration permanent residency. The country offers numerous benefits and below is just few of them:-

  • The status ‘permanent resident’: Well, it itself is a privilege of being the permanent resident of a well-liked immigration destination like Australia. You are entitled to live and work here indefinitely, plus with certain limitations, you are treated equivalent to its citizens.
  • Sponsor relatives: As a permanent resident, you enjoy the privileges of sponsoring close relatives and family members, provided they meet the set criteria.
  • Social benefits: As a permanent resident, you are entitled to enjoy many social benefits such as student’s benefits, maternity leaves, unemployment benefits, etc. However, for these, the waiting period can go up to two years.
  • Health coverage: Down Under has the best developed healthcare system in the world. You are entitled for subsidized or free healthcare services under the country’s popular healthcare scheme ‘Medicare’.
  • Freedom to choose any occupation: You are free to choose an occupation out of your interest. However, you are restricted to get employed in government department that requires high level of security and needs to be filled by Australian citizens only.
  • Apply for Australian Residency: If you have lived and worked in the country for at least four years, you can apply for Australian citizenship. You will have to meet other requirements such as you must not be involved in criminal or illegal activities and maintain the set financial status.

Australian Immigration Permanent Residency — Key Visa Categories

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has introduced numerous PR visa and sub visa categories. Some of them are as follow:

  • Skilled migration: It is a very common and regular pathway for the PR applicants and especially designed for the highly trained skilled workers and the categories under the same are subclass 189, 190.
  • State or employer sponsored category: You can apply for subclass 186 or 187 if you are sponsored by an employer or state.
  • Business and Investment Visa: If you wish to invest or start a new and/or manage an existing business in the country, then you can apply for visa subclass, such as 132,188/888.

Apply for your Australia Permanent Resident Visa

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