Pay Attention Australia Immigration Motivated Skilled Electrical Engineering Technicians 312312!

Electrical Engineering Technicians 312312

Of late, there has been a boost in the demand for skilled Electrical Engineering Technicians 312312 in Australia. This increase is the clear result of the development of the various electrical tools in the electrical field. Considering the demand for these professionals is expected to remain in future the country will require more trained experts to fill the openings.

Electrical Engineering Technicians 312312
Electrical Engineering Technicians 312312

So, if you are a trained Electrical Engineering Technician and your profession is given under the ANZSCO Code 312312, start your visa application process for Australia immigration! There won’t be a better time for the object.

Electrical Engineering Technicians–Job description

Such professionals have a wide role to play in the electrical sector. They carry-out research, improve, design, make and maintain electrical equipments and goods. They play a crucial role when it comes to testing electrical equipments and do complex electrical tasks as part of a manufacturing process. They also act as a key player when it comes to assembling and installing the different electrical components.

Required Skills & Attributes

To grow as an Electrical Engineer in Oz the professionals require possessing the following skills and attributes:

  1. Technical ability to solve the problems speedily,
  2. Capability to follow the instructions and lead a team,
  3. Ability to handle the task independently, and
  4. Excellent communication talents

Working Conditions

These experts are employed in the factories, workshops, power stations, laboratories or offices of the electrical equipment manufacturers. Subsequently, their services may also be required in the domain for testing, repairing or maintaining the various electrical equipments. At times, they are also required to work in a team of engineers with additional trade persons. Usually, their working hours are fixed, but at times, they may have to work for longer hours.


They are well paid in Oz and on an average an Electrical Engineering Technician may be paid anything between AUS 1,600 Dollars and AUS 2,000 Dollars per week. Their wages clearly depend on their skills and experience and the organization/company they are employed with. With time, their earning potential also increases.

Key Tasks

  1. Arrange, work out, and draw the diagrams of electrical circuitry and installation.
  2. Assess engineering technologists in designing and preparing a layout of electrical circuitry and installation on switchgear, motor control structures, substations and cabling arrangement.
  3. Make an estimate of the needed quantity and cost of the material.
  4. Assemble, install, test, calibrate, change and repair the different electrical installations and equipments according to the rules and requirements of safety.
  5. Do research and experiment with different plans.
  6. Make an inventory of data, and carry-out calculations.
  7. Inspect designs and final product to comply with regulations and specifications.
  8. Carry-out different electrical workshop activities, such as metering devices and setting up assemblies of protection delays.

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