Time Opportune for 211499 Visual Arts & Crafts Professionals

Visual Arts & Crafts Professionals

Australia is a beautiful country that attracts a large number of migrants, including skilled professionals. These days, there is a high demand of skilled Visual Arts & Craft Professionals (nec) professionals in the nation. And so, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has listed the occupation on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) for 2017-18, under the ANZSCO Code 211499.

Australia Immigration Skill List

Given this, if your profession matches the one given under the said code, and you are interested to move abroad to make it BIG, submit your Expression of Interest (EoI) for Australia immigration, without any delay.

For those who came in late, these professionals use the various mediums to articulate their creative ideas such as sculpture, pottery, painting, wood, metalwork textiles, photography, etc. Often many kinds of attractive opportunities are offered to them by a museum, administration, craft education, gallery, curating and community artwork. Several of them establish a private studio and participate in group exhibitions, represented by the different galleries.

Job Description

These professionals create visual two and three-dimensional forms and concepts employing drawing, video, sculpting, painting, carving, printmaking, soundscapes, found objects and other associated tools of media, to convey ideas and creative views.

Key Tasks

  1. Think of and develop fresh and novel ideas and designs, styles for drawing, paintings, sculptures and pottery designs.
  2. Arrange objects, position models, select the right landscapes and related visual forms as per the specific requirements of the subject.
  3. Put the final product in kilns.
  4. Pick-up artistic materials, media and methods.
  5. Come up with beautiful designs, and produce plaster and wax models.
  6. Utilize the suitable technique to apply media.
  7. Fashion and form materials into the chosen shapes with the aid of power tools and hands.
  8. Make metal forms using the welding and metal working procedure.
  9. Mix glazing materials and apply glazes to dry pottery employing dipping & painting.
  10. Mold clay into beautiful creative articles utilizing wheel throwing, molds and hands.


These usually vary depending on their experience, creative expertise and professional capability, and also the demand of their work in their industry. They usually earn more as they become more experienced.

Required Skills

Almost every occupation in the mentioned unit requires a Bachelor’s Degree or more qualification. In a situation wherein you lack the recognized education qualification, then also no need to be disappointed! You can easily substitute the formal qualification with five years of experience in the associated domain (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

Skill Assessment Authority

Many of the occupations in the unit require a skill assessment that should be done by the relevant national assessing authority. For the professionals Visual Arts & Crafts Professionals (nec) – 211499 the Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services (VETASSESS) is the national authorized authority.

Working Conditions & Scope

Their scope of work is not limited to studios only. These professionals work outdoors as well, organize workshops, and share space with many other artists. To gather material and equipment, they also usually travel frequently. They also typically travel to promote and sell their work at the different public exhibitions, shops, fairs, etc.

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