Australia Immigration to Stop 457 Work Permit Program Misuse

In the wake of certain reports of the blatant misuse and exploitation of the Australian 457 permit program, Canberra is reportedly coming down hard on the said visa arrangement even as the amendments have been proclaimed by the incumbent immigration minister of Down Under (Australia). The administration claims that the given visa program has not been much unbiased against the local workers. Therefore, the fresh checks declared will ensure that the nation’s workers steal a march over the overseas manpower.

Besides, the goal will be strengthen the latest regulations, so that the recruiters/firms in the Kangaroo Land (Australia) employ the 457 permit arrangement to positively address only the real skills scarcity in the country, added the minister. He further said that the program will have fresh tougher laws for getting rid of the permit abuse, and to give preference to the local employees.

Extensive prejudice against Australians

The immigration minister has an ambiguous message for those allegedly abusing the country’s temporary work permit program–the administration will not take kindly to any such misuse by the involved recruiters/companies. Apparently, the local Australian employees were being ignored in the country while the workers from abroad were aggressively being recruited through the Australian 457 permit program.

And, this led to an increased number of the overseas individuals–turn-up on the Australian soils on the 457 permits–even as a large percentage of Australians (close to 1000s) continued to be without a job. Hence, the fresh checks, it’s claimed, will be decisive in preventing the recruiters from making the most of the said temporary work permit program.

Australia 457 Permit Program

According to the existing regulations, an employer in the country may recruit overseas workers for a particular given time-frame in the Kangaroo Land, in case he (the employer) shows that though he put out all stops, he failed to locate the needed manpower in the home country.

More overseas workers on 457 permits, nationals without job

Allegedly, most of the Australian recruiters give preference to the overseas workers for jobs in Down Under, as they may (rather easily) proffer them comparatively lower wages even as they infringe their rights. That this has boosted the rate of unemployment amongst the local people cannot be refuted. Further, according to certain reports, 1000s of Australians are jobless even as the volume of the overseas workers in the nation’s construction field has shot-up by close to 38%.

This requires to be duly controlled sooner than later, via the recent curbs placed by Canberra on the 457 permit program, conclude the concerned authorities.

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