Britain Proffers 7 Tier 1 ( exceptional talent) Permits in 2011

In a key development, the data made available by the concerned British Home Office reveals that the involved UK agency did not give more than 7 Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Permits during 2011. In the year to September 2012–the 1st year in which the said permit was up for grabs–51 Exceptional Talent permits were offered to the primary candidates and 21 extra to the dependants, taking the total to 72.

The given visa has been obtainable since August 2011 even as only those who enjoy global recognition, as world heads or future world heads–in the domains of arts & sciences–may file a visa-petition. Though a yearly cap of 1,000 exists on the volume of the Exceptional Talent Permits which may be proffered, the conditions for the permits are so strict that the said upper limit will perhaps never be touched.

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The Exceptional Talent Permit substituted the Tier 1 (General) Permit Class even as the latter was shut down on April 6, 2011. The UK Premier reportedly delivered a speech the same month in which he observed that the Tier 1 (General) Permits were duly meant for only the best talents, and the finest trained migrants. However, nearly 33% of the individuals–who turned-up on one of such permits–were not recruited in very qualified jobs.

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