Procedure of Australia Immigration Visa from India

Sometimes, we face the great dilemma of selecting the best immigration destination in the world. The developed countries have great edge in this regard and draw the attention of immigrants from all around the world. The procedure of Australia Immigration Visa from India is quite easy and one can go through it conveniently. Whether you are a student or professional or a businessmen, Australia can be a great place for you as it offers something for everyone.

Australia offers lots of opportunities for Indian students and provides great facility to enroll in the best Australian Universities. Moreover, Australia is home to skilled professionals and offers them best opportunities according to proficiency. The simplest procedure of Australia Immigration Visa for skilled professionals from India involves step by step process. The detail of Australian Immigration Visa procedures have been discussed below is current and is likely to be changed with effect from 1st July, 2012.

1)    The Australian Immigration program follows Point System; the applicants are awarded points by taking several things like qualification, language profiency, and work experiences, into consideration.
2)    Relevant work experience in a particular occupation, listed in Australian Occupation list.
3)    Candidate’s age should fall between 18 to 45 years.
4)    He/she should be proficient in English language.

Apart from that, filling immigration application form has great importance as it is the main part of immigration procedure. By going through all the guidelines, an applicant can fill the application form in a proper way. Besides, the applicants are suggested to explore the detail about all important documents, which are required to be submitted along with the completed application form.

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