UK Immigration for Businessmen and Investors

Being an investor or a businessman in the UK is very lucrative. According to the latest immigration figures from the British Office for National Statistics, migration levels are at a record high. UK Immigration for Businessmen and Investors is especially favorable for Indian residents, as shown by the International Passenger Survey, which indicates that India is the major contributor to number of people coming to the UK, as 11.9% of total immigrants come from India.

To start a business or be a passive investor in the UK, a visa application needs to be filled in with the British Consulate in the applicant’s country of residence or nationality. The British Immigration laws lay down clear requirements and eligibility conditions for the same. For starting a business in the UK, the applicant needs to invest at least £200,000 in the new UK business, and work full time in the management of the same. The applicant must also create at least 2 jobs for nationals of EU Association Agreement.  If the applicant wants to be a passive investor in a business, the minimum investment is £750,000 (to be invested in unit trusts and private companies), and ownership of at least £1 million as investable funds.

The initial visa for an investor or businessman is normally valid for little over 3 years and further extended up to a total of 5 years. After five years, the applicant can get permanent residence in the UK. The full list of documents and required monetary background needed for UK Immigration for businessmen and investors are easily available online on the UK Immigration website. Anyone wishing to apply can take help from, as mentioned on the site.

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