Assessment Proposal for Skilled Workers Credentials before Landing in Canada

According to a recent report, on March 28, 2012, the Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister of Canada, Mr. Jason Kenney launched a new assessment proposal on overseas credentials of the skilled workers prior to their arrival in Canada.

Pursuant to this latest proposal, applicants intending to immigrate to this Maple country as Federal Skilled Professionals have to go for assessment of their foreign education credentials and verification by nominated organizations prior to their arrival in the nation.

In this connection, Mr. Kenney was quoted as saying that assessment of educational qualifications before coming to Canada will help the overseas skilled professionals indentifying the scenario of the labour market of the country and will help them to contribute in the economic growth of the nation. He also said that this particular proposal is a part of a bigger plan of transformational amendments, intended to make the nation’s policy of immigration work in a better way in support of the growth of its economy.

The Immigration Minister further went on to add that Canadian Government is making a system of immigration which will focus on the economic development of the nation and will ensure that every Canadian along with the immigrants can contribute to their optimum level.

However, this assessment proposal will not ensure that Federal Skilled Professionals get the permission to practice a regulated profession in the country. Likewise, this will not indicate that the immigrants will find jobs in the country automatically according to their level of skills. Applicants intending to work in any regulated occupation will have to go through the qualifications assessment process in proper way to obtain a license from the regulatory authority particularly assigned for their occupation and intended work in any particular province.

The Human Resources and Skills Development Minister of Canada, Diane Finley, in this context has said that internationally skilled workers play an important role in the job market of Canada, as they have the potential to contribute in the economic growth of the nation. The government is therefore working in association to streamline overseas credentials recognition, which will help the new skilled immigrants invest their knowledge and expertise and thus contribute to the growth of the nation as a whole.

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