Australia Immigration with Investor Visas Suggested

Australia is a dream overseas hotspot for many worldwide. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ is well-known for its high standard of living, first-rate health policies, and beautiful beaches. In fact, the country has almost everything that can easily steal the heart of any individual.

There are several avenues to enter the country, but if you have enough funds and are motivated with Australia Immigration, the easiest way is to become an investor and gain entry as investor. Australia Immigration with Investor Visas is recommended.

Oz’s Business Innovation and Investment Programme attract overseas business people to settle in the country, and use their demonstrated business skills, to develop business venture in ‘The Land Kangaroos’. Investors Visa is especially for those applicants, who either want to start a new business or make an investment in an existing business in the country.

In order to become eligible for the permit, investor-applicant has to make an investment in the Australian Government Bonds. However, it is mandatory for you to wait before Canberra asks you to make the investment. Investor Visas

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aim to increase the entrepreneurial talent and diversify business expertise. The main goal is to target migrants who have a demonstrated history of success in both entrepreneurial capabilities and business even as they are capable of making significant contribution to the national economy of Down Under.

These business professionals are expected to generate considerable number of employment opportunities, develop new result-oriented technology to increase the production of goods and services in the nation. The business experts are responsible to increase competition among investors–both within the country and internationally–and also develop a strong network in international market. Their key responsibility is to increase the dispersal of business migrants across the nation through state and territory government sponsorship.

The Business Innovation and Investment Programme is a state/territory nominated programme composed of three subclasses:

  1. Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132)
  2. Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188)
  3. Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888).

Migrants enter Australia on a provisional visa for a minimum period of four years, and once they have successfully demonstrated specified level of business or investment skill, they may apply for permanent residence (PR). If the applicant have high level of business skills or have obtained enough funds Australian capital firm, he may also apply for business talent visa to directly get the PR status.

Benefits of Investor Visa

  1. Establish a new or develop an existing business venture in Australia.
  2. Travel any number of times in and out of the nation, up to the life of the visa.
  3. Successful immigrants can also bring their family members.
  4. Seek permanent residence by applying for a Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888).

Business Innovation and Investment Programme: Application Process

To be able to apply for Business Innovation and Investment visa, the applicant must first submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect. Afterwards, he could be nominated and invited to apply.

His EOI interest requires certain specifics like:

  1. The stream he intends to apply under and why.
  2. Whether he is interested in business or investment in just one or all Australian states and territories.
  3. After submitting one’s EOI, a state or territory government will view it and decide whether to nominate the aspirant and enable him to apply for a visa.
  4. If the candidate has received an invitation–either from state or territory government—he will have 60 days to apply online for the visa.
  5. During this period, he cannot change the information in his EOI, and if he fails to lodge the application, his submitted EOI will be removed from SkillSelect.
  6. The aspirant ought to compile his documents beforehand, so that he can immediately respond within the 60 days if you receive an invitation.

Australian visa officials monitor business/investment for three years, and if they realize the business/investment has not made considerably growth, they are entitled to cancel the permit with immediate effect.

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