Is Canada Immigration Easy?

Do you dream of Canada Immigration, and think that the immigration process is rather difficult and lengthy? If yes, you will be, perhaps, happy to know that the answer is in the negative. Frankly speaking, Canada immigration is not really difficult and cumbersome, especially vis-à-vis other developed countries. If you make the grade for any of the multiple visa categories, under the Canadian Immigration, then the complete process is simple and easy to follow.

The concerned immigration and visa authorities have made a point-based system, and through the same, every applicant is given equal opportunity to score under various categories, like work experience (in 38 defined professions), qualification, age, language skills and some other parameters set by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The ‘Land of Multiple Opportunities’ is one of those countries which is always on the hunt for immigrants in various field. And as mentioned before, the nation’s immigration process is rather easy; even a common aspirant can understand what’s expected and how he should process ahead.

Significantly, the apex world body, the United Nations (UN), has termed Canada as one of best places to live in the world even as the Economist has ranked Vancouver as the best city to live in for four continuous years. Further, the Maple Leaf Country has the highest life expectancies in the world, and the crime rate is low with minimum corruption. The country provides complete social security–both to permanent and non-permanent citizens. Once you have gained the prized Permanent Residency (PR) status, you can avail all social rights, like free education for your children, excellent health care system, economic benefits, etc.

A large number of people move to the Maple Leaf Country to secure a better future for themselves and their family. Under well-governed Canadian government, there several attractive visa options are available for every individual who wishes to embrace a better and superior life in the nation. Some of the immigration options are as follow:

Investors immigration – includes investors, entrepreneurs etc.
• Skilled worker immigration – includes professionals like engineers, IT specialists, doctors, lawyers, etc.
• Family sponsorship – includes children, common law partners, spouse, etc., of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
• Canadian experience immigration –includes individuals with prior work experience in the nation.
• Trade worker immigration – includes electricians, drivers, welders, etc.

How to start the immigration process?

There are multiple ways to start your immigration process. The simplest and the best way are to ensure that your papers and documents are filled properly and in clear hand writing, to increase your chances of success.

The first and the foremost step are to find-out which specific immigration category you are eligible to file a petition under. Apply for free online assessment form, just to ensure you are eligible to immigrate to the nation. Lastly, follow the steps that your immigration consultant or advisor sends you, after completing your assessment form.

Some critical aspects that you would need to prove while processing the immigration process are:

  • financial eligibilities
  • prior work experience
  • linguistic proficiency
  • adaptability factors and contribution capacity in economic aspects
  • an on hand job offer can have additional advantage though not mandatory

Overall, the country is peaceful and safe to settle, and the process of immigration is also not as complex as any other developed country. The concerned permit authorities evaluate the potential of the candidates willing to settle for in hope of better future purely, on the basis of educational qualification, age, financial stability, work experience and compatibility in language, i.e., French and English. If applicants want, they can take the help of professional immigration agents, for a hassle-free immigration and visa course of action.

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