Australia to Increase Independent Skilled Migrants by 30 Percent!

A whopping 30 percent surge in independent skilled migrant program has been planned by the Australian government. It is a surprise proceeding by the Aussies government in increasing any immigration program quota.

In surprise advancement, the government projected to increase the immigration programs by 30 percent to 44,350 figures in 2011-2012. It is a major increase and will accommodate several big projects of Australian industries. It is contrary to the predictions of economists as they were expecting to drastically slash independent skilled migrant program after evaluating visa permits to low-skilled abroad students. The federal government’s decision has surprised the immigration predictors and market intellectuals.

It is really good news for global immigrants who were aspiring to migrate to a foreign nation. It is estimated that the Aussies government will utilize the additional quota to reduce application backlog of visa aspirants. Many of these backlogged applications include students hanging in the visa processing system.

Universities and education leaders have welcomed the improvements proposed by the government. The new point test and more allocation for the independent category will surely assist universities to change retiring scholarly and hold on talented post-graduate students. Wrapping up it will follow a great year for Australian immigration ahead.

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