77,000 Abroad Workers will be hired by Canadian Province Alberta!

Bouncing on a lot of good immigration news for skilled immigrants, Canada is flashing great news of hiring of huge figure of overseas skilled workers. Alberta, a Canadian province will offer 77,000 job opening to skilled workers who want to immigrate to Canada. Alberta government has confirmed the new hiring which will be accommodated gradually in coming years.

It is being forecasted that Alberta province will require tens of thousands of fresh skilled workers in approaching years to accommodate its oil resource sector labor demand. Alberta’s oil reserves are attracting fatty investment by many big players of petroleum industries that includes big petroleum companies from US, Europe and Asia. Huge tides of big investments are striking Alberta’s bitumen-rich boreal forest. The oil sand projects will experience an increase by 25 percent in spending by 2014.

The Alberta province will offer 77,000 skill requirements in coming years, announced by the government. The government announcement is backed by Petroleum Human Resources Council. The council has forecasted that the fresh jobs and retirement replacements will together create an opening for more than 130,000 new labors.

The federal government is supporting the oil industries to avoid any labor crunch in the nation as many companies are allowed to hire foreign labors according to their need and can apply for more quota as per their needs. Flint Energy Services Ltd was permitted by the government to hire 20 labors and later extended to 60 labors and can apply for more according to need.

The Alberta government has recently announced a strategy to maintain older labors in a labor pool. The government seeks authority for the Alberta province to nominate more overseas labors to grant permanent residents.

Employment and Immigration Minister said that we will severely experience workers’ shortage not only for the next few years but for the next few decades and the only option to avoid this situation is hiring of overseas skilled workers.

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