Australian Immigration Reforms to Support Skilled Migration!

Australian government is will introduce more immigration reforms and regional migration initiatives to widen regional and economic development priorities. Measures will be taken to increase in permanent immigration up to 1, 85,000 visas in 2011-2012.

It was announced by Immigration and Citizenship Minister as part of the immigration budget 2011-12. He further added that a new replica for skilled immigrants’ selection was projected to be introduced under significant step in migration policy reforms. It is also targeted to drag the immigration population figure at a sustainable level that can help the economy to grow rather that blocking it. The annual figure of net overseas migration is projected to limit in a range of 170000 to 180000 in the coming years, so that an increase in migration program should be moderate.

More than two-third of the share of the increased immigration program will be allocated for skilled workers to accommodate critical skill needs of the nation, mainly in regional areas. The skilled migrant influx will be increased to 125 850 allocation, with 16 000 quota assigned to the Regional Sponsored Migration Programs. Highest processing priority will be assigned to Regional visas applications to identify the requirements of the employers as well as to encourage regional immigration programs.

The Federal Government will specially assign permanent visas for regional areas for the first occasion, said by Immigration Minister. Permanent residence status for temporary business permit holders will be fast paced for the candidate who has remained for two years in regional Australia and their employer is willing to sponsor him for next two years. This step will provide simple grounds for 457 visa holders to stay in the region.

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