Australia Independent (Subclass 189) Visa – Requirements

Being a points-based visa, the Australia Independent (Subclass 189) is the most prominent class serves those who are highly skilled and trained professionals, but not able to be sponsored by employers, states or territories. The subclass 189 caters the needs of even trades persons who don’t find sponsorship from state, territory or an employer.

Those who successfully managed to obtain the Subclass 189 visa get an important right to stay and work in Australia on the permanent basis. A visa holder also gets liberty to choose their residing location anywhere inside Australia. Moreover, they also get privilege to include their certain family members in the application.

The Australia Subclass 189 visa offers several other benefits that include sponsorship right for permanent residency, Medicare facility, social security and lots more.

Basic Requirements

An individual applying for Australia Independent (Subclass 189) Visa must be able to satisfy various requirements that have been listed below.

a) An applicant needs to file an EOI (Expression of Interest)

b) An applicant must be below 50 years of age

c) Have gone through the skills evaluation by assessing authority for their nominated occupations

c) Must possess skills in the occupation that is duly mentioned in the relevant Australian occupation list

d) Must be fully proficient in English language

e) Must be able to fetch a minimum 60 points in the test

f) Must be able to meet health and character requirements

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