Explore New Rules for UK Citizenship

Those who are keen to obtain the UK citizenship must explore new rules to apply for the same. If you are interested to get the UK citizenship and applying it from outside the country, you will have to file your application directly to the UK Border Agency, located in Liverpool, England.

As of new rules, the applicants will not be allowed to submit their applications at consulates or British High Commission in their respective countries.

The new rule of applying for the UK citizenship will not affect the citizens of Hong Kong; they can exempt from new changes and use the same method to apply, as before.

It must be taken into account that the documents accompanied with the application must be original and also attached properly with the application as such documents are meant to be submitted in support of the application.

Besides, the applicants also need to ensure that applications and documents are mailed by a reliable and faster medium. As it is quite known to all that proper documentation is quite needed, if it is not, it may be a great cause for delay or rejection of your application.

Meanwhile, citizens of several nations are not granted to send their national identification (passport and others) through post. Such countries are Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Pakistan, Belarus, Morocco, North Korea, Western Sahara, Ukraine, Libya, Armenia and others.

Residents of such countries can get a copy that needs to by certify either by a solicitor or notary.

The candidates get a chance to be in touch with the British High Commission, located in their native cities. They will directly be contacted by British consulate, once after completing the decision-making process. Those successful candidates will have to attend a citizen ceremony, when their documents will be returned back to them.

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