Immigration creates major impact on Canada’s culture and lifestyle

Immigration has made a significant impact on culture and lifestyle of Canada, as of the recent census statistics. According to the government of Canada facts, the nation witnesses 200 languages, which are majorly spoken in the country.

Canadian government census figures show that there are now 200 languages spoken in the country. Canada has a rich history of such census, which was first held in the year of 1871. It was in the year of 1956, when the decision had taken to conduct census after every five-year.

Recently, it was held in the last year (2011) and brought such facts into limelight. It revealed clearly that Canadian people use more than 200 languages including English and French to communicate. The census data presents that 20 per cent of the total population mainly speak a language other than the common languages like French and English.

The observation of census data further makes it clear that out of above figure 6.4 million people majorly speak foreign languages (immigrant languages) and 213,000 mainly use original Canadian language to communicate.

A large percentage of people who speak immigrant languages are living in urban areas in the country. 80 per cent of such people live in popular and largest cities of Canada.

The census data analysis also reveals that most common spoken languages are Punjabi and Chinese. Besides, other languages are Arabic, Italian, Spanish, and more. Such languages are majorly spoken in Canadian cities like Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and more.

The census, on the other side, also found that a large number of citizens (approx 58 per cent of the population) frequently speak English. Besides, 6m people (nearly 18.2 per cent) use French language to communicate. A majority of such people live in Quebec.

According to census held in 2001, 77 percent of the total population of Quebec spoke French language at home. The 2011 census witnesses a major fall (to 72.8 per cent) in the figure.

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