Australia Interested In Skilled Economists 224311

Economists 224311

So you are a qualified Economist, right? But are you also looking at the different options up-for-grabs of migrating to Australia and work in the country? If YES, there is good news for you!

As per some reports, your particular vocation is mentioned on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), making you entitled for an Australia Visa. Yes, it is true! Right on your profession is red hot and you are officially wanted by Canberra.

The overseas hotspot is presently inviting the skilled workers like you as migrants to live and work in their country and contribute to the growth of skill and talent required, to keep pace with their growing economy.

You will be glad to learn that the online application system for the process of skilled immigration in Australia is live and active now to foreign workers and professionals. If you, too, want to secure your future and live a life of prosperity, peace and positivity, the Kangaroo Land is a great destination that will give you a beautiful country to live and work in as well as provide excellent education, healthcare, retirement and investment opportunities.

Australian immigration

To immigrate to the land down under as an Economist, you will be required to –

  1. Create an Online Profile
  2. Have your Skills Assessed
  3. Submit the required documents

The process of immigration as a skilled worker begins right with the annually released ‘Skilled Occupation List’ in which you will have to check if VETASSESSS will be your assessing authority, and if your skill is corresponding to an occupation given under the Economist 224311 profile.

You can apply for immigration to the nation under the ‘SkillSelect’ or the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Programme. The next step after checking your eligibility and the relevance of your skill would be choosing from the three different visa categories or subclass namely – Skilled Independent Subclass (189), Skilled Nomination Subclass (190) and Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass (489).

Once you choose your visa category to submit your immigration application, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) will evaluate your online profile from the applicant pool on a point based system.

Thus, with three easy steps you can be a part of the Australian economy and work anywhere in the country to enjoy its beautiful landscapes, picturesque cities and pleasant climate.

So, the Economist 224311 will become your key to a progressive and secure future in a developed first-world country with lucrative personal and professional opportunities to choose from.

As a trained Economist, your key job duties will entail researching, examining, construing and applying the different economical models, theories and principles in the context of business, government, economy while providing financial advice and expertise on the various economic issues and reforms.

This job will allow you to earn a handsome average annual sum of 77,812 Australian Dollars.

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