Australia Launches Global Talent Scheme to Plug Skill Chasm, Skilled Foreign Tech Specialists on Radar

In a move, allegedly targeted to cool business disapproval to the terminating of the controversial 457 Visa–thanks to the limitations of the replacement visa programme–the Australian Government has, reportedly, launched a new visa. The development comes in the backdrop of the many ICT chiefs bitterly complaining of being subjected to great difficulties in bringing- in experienced foreign manpower, to expand their Australian operations

The ‘Global Talent Scheme’, the new visa, will be officially in force from July 1 and allow the tech professionals and businesses to usher-in in expert ICT professionals from overseas even as the main reason behind the launch of the visa, allegedly, seems to be the rising pressure from the different business chiefs in the country.

As per the concerned Australian ministers, however, the object of the 12-month pilot scheme is to draw extremely trained global manpower and deliver innovation to the country. They added that the Australian Administration recognizes that cut-throat competition exists internationally for the high-tech skills and talent, and that drawing these people plays a key role in transferring skills to the Australian labor force and develop Australian-based firms/organizations.Australia Launches Global Talent Scheme to Plug Skill Chasm, Skilled Foreign Tech Specialists on Radar


According to the accessible information, the new visa will be obtainable to both the well established firms/companies and start-ups.

Established Businesses: It is required that these have a yearly turnover of over $4 million to offer sponsorship to the exceedingly trained individuals taking home more than $180,000. It is also mandatory that the businesses have a good background of singing-up the local talent, prove they prioritize the drafting of the Australian workers, and establish there will be a skills transfer to the local employees, thanks to the person being offered a visa.

Start-ups: It is compulsory that run their businesses in the domains of technology or STEM, confirm they prioritize the employment of the local employees, and be accepted by a start-up power.

In both the situations, under the ‘Global Talent Scheme’, a four-year Temporary Skill Shortage Visa will be given, even as the receivers may submit an application for the prized Permanent Residency (PR) status, post a period of three years.

Despite the fact that the administration is still busy working out the better details, it, reportedly, stated that the Global Talent Scheme would officially start on July 1 this year. Still, no particulars are available on the figure of the visas that will be offered under the new plan, or which specific jobs they will apply to.

New Visa Hailed

Meanwhile, several industry chiefs have, reportedly, welcomed the launch of the new plan. Sharing his views on the subject, one concerned person reportedly stated that that there is a dearth of skills in the nation’s technology segment.

The future for the Australian economy will involve organizations in fast-paced high-tech businesses and recruiters frequently require filling expert job-openings and occasionally they fail to locate local employees good enough for the openings. He further said that while the nation continues to push for greater improvement of its local skilled manpower, it would be a wrong approach to allow the growth to fester. So, a practical attitude to skilled movement in the technology segment is critical.

In a related development, the Business Council of Australia also reportedly commended the move, stating trained migrants were good for both the business and the wider economy.

Dwelling further on the topic another concerned person reportedly proclaimed that the administration’s plan will offer the businesses in the country the capability to multiply into new markets, fill the paucity of workers, and successfully adapt to change. Highlighting the importance and value of the trained workers from abroad, he added that such people make handsome contributions and play a key role in a more productive and groundbreaking economy, assisting generate the conditions for greater salaries and propelling the economy for every national.

Pushing for Change

Significantly, sometime back, a well-known and top business chief of Australia had, reportedly, informed a Senate Committee Hearing on the Future of Work and Workers that the latest amendments to the nation’s 457 Visa Programme weren’t doing the country any good. He had also reportedly added that the lack of access to knowledgeable, international workers was the single biggest reason restraining the development and expansion of the technology business in the country.

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