Australia launches New Visa Subclasses along with New Point System

Did you get the latest news on the Australia new point system 2019? Are you puzzled about the new Australia Visa Sub classes? Then leave your worries aside, and hop in for the roller coaster ride through the thick and thins of new immigration norms and regulations of Australia. Point to be noted – These changes can increase your chances of getting selected by the Australian authorities for the Australian Immigration. All these measures taken by Australian Govt. is to maximize the immigration drive to the regional areas of Australia rather than focusing on major cities.

Below information will give comprehensive insights about the changes and how you can be benefit from these changes:

What are the decisions taken by Australian Govt.?

With effect from Nov 2016, the Govt. of Australia has made monumental decisions to channelize the immigration towards the regional areas to balance the rising population in the capital cities. Below are the decisions taken/proposed by the Govt.:
Subclass 491 Visa (Skilled Work Regional) – The new regional visa replaces Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489 visa
Subclass 494 skilled employer sponsored visa – The new skilled employer sponsored visa replaces Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187) visa.
Changes in Australia Points System – The govt. revamped the entire Australia PR Point System in the favor of skilled professional
Subclass 191 Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) – This pathway will come in effect on Nov 2022 to provide permanent residency to Subclass 494 and 491 visa holders

Let’s understand the aforementioned changes and Australia new point system 2019 in a comprehensive manner:

What is Subclass 491 (Skilled Work Regional) Visa?

Subclass 491 (Skilled Work Regional) Visa is designed in-line with its counterpart that requires either state government nomination or sponsorship by the family member settled in the designated regional area. Under the new visa, you can stay over a period of 5 years which was earlier 4 years under Subclass 489 visa. The new Subclass 491 Visa Holders must complete minimum three years out of the 5 years validity of the visa in a designated regional area. By completing the 3 year-term, you will be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency Australia Visa.

What is Subclass 494 skilled employer sponsored visa?

Subclass 494 Employer Sponsored Visa permits the skilled professionals to reside in the Australia regional areas who are sponsored by an Australian employer of a designated regional area for up to five years. The candidate must be under 45 years, with competent English language proficiency, positive skill assessment and minimum 3 years of professional experience. You can be eligible for Australia PR Visa, if you complete your stay in Australian regional area for minimum 3 years.


What are the changes done in the Australia Immigration Points system?

Below are the historic changes done by the Australian Govt. in the Australia PR Point System, generously paving more opportunities for the skilled professional:

• 10 points for Specialist education qualification: By attaining Master’s Degree by research / Doctorate degree from an Australian institution. Previously, it was 5 points.
• 10 points for Spouse Language & Skill Assessment: If spouse having – competent language skills, positive skill assessment and occupation falling under Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Previously, it was 5 points.
• 5 points for Spouse Language proficiency: If your spouse is having only competent language skills.
• 10 points for Single Applicant: Unmarried individuals are also benefitted from the new Immigration points. Previously, there were no points for single applicant.
• 10 points for spouse with Australian Citizenship or PR: These points are granted for those whose spouse hold the Australian citizenship or permanent residency. Previously, there were no points.
• 15 points for State Nomination/Sponsorship: By obtaining nomination from state or sponsorship by family member. Previously, it was 10 points. Applicable for Subclass 491 & Subclass 190 only.

What is Subclass 191 Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional)?

Subclass 191 Visa is the permanent residency pathway that allows the 491 visa holders and 494 visa holders to live permanently in Australia after completing 3 years stay in the regional area. For permanent residency, you must meet the requirements of the visa with having minimum taxable income requirements. The visa subclass 191 will come in effect from November 2020 only for those applicants with Australian visa sub classes 491 and subclass 494.

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