Five Amazing Benefits of Canadian Citizenship You Probably Should Know

Do you know you can enjoy tremendous benefits after becoming a Canadian citizen? Permanent residency status in Canada might be highly sought-after among immigrants, but it’s the citizenship status which is a true honor and comes with lots of privileges that you can’t even imagine.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the key benefits of acquiring a Canadian citizenship:

It Makes Voting Accessible

One of the key benefits of acquiring a Canadian citizenship is the right to vote in Canada’s federal elections. As a parliamentary democracy, Canada promises its citizens who are 18 above to cast their vote in elections and choose their leaders who run the country. In addition to federal, citizens also have the liberty to vote in provincial and municipal elections, therefore, display an active participation in political activities.

More Jobs Opportunities

As a citizen, you can apply for more jobs, even to those for which citizenship status is required. This majorly includes government jobs or any other job that requires a high-security clearance. Government jobs in Canada are not only high-paying, but also provide stability and future security Canadian citizens.

You Can Run for Office

The rights of Canadian citizens are not only limited to voting, but they can also campaign to be elected to an office in municipal, provincial, and federal elections. There are a number of political parties in Canada, which encourage people to join them and get involved in nation-building. You can also create your own party or even run as an independent candidate.

Freedom to Travel

Canadian citizenship gives you the right to hold a Canadian passport, which is considered to be the strongest in the world. The passport comes with its own strength, which allows holders to travel to a number of countries without having to apply for a visa. Currently, Canadian passport ranks 5th in Global passport power rank, and thus becoming the most valuable among travelers seeking easy travel across borders.

Your Children will be Canadians

Children of Canadian citizens are automatically granted the citizenship right, whether they are born in Canada or live outside the country. Kids of Canadian citizens need not to go through the complexities of applying for the citizenship as it is given to them by virtue of their parents’ citizenship status.

Favorable Taxes

 Whether you are supposed to pay the taxes or not depends a lot on your residency status in Canada and not citizenship. If you choose to live outside Canada and not pay taxes. However, if you are living in the country, then you must pay all taxes at every level.

Surprised by the mind-blowing facts about Canadian citizenship? Do the above-mentioned benefits pique your interest in applying for Canada PR Visa? If yes, then what’s holding you back. Discover your Canada permanent residency options today for a rewarding future.

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