Australia Points Calculator Decoded For You

Are you interested to migrate to Australia with a Skilled Worker Visa? Is your occupation in-demand and mentioned on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of the nation? Are you young and have a reasonably good command over the English language? If the answer to all these questions is YES, you have a high chance of making the cut and getting a visa to your dream destination. You can assess your chances further by using the Australia Points Calculator.

What is Australia Points Calculator? Well, in case you submit an application to shift to the destination under the Skilled-Independent category or the Skilled-Sponsored stream, you will be duly reviewed against a points test under a calculator and this is nothing but Australia Points Calculator.

Australia Points Calculator
Australia Points Calculator

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Australia runs a Points Arrangement, and in case you are keen to find out in case you can make the grade for one of these points based visas, you will require finding out how many points you could obtain.

It is mandatory that you get adequate points to reach the pass mark even while the present pass marks is as follows:

Skilled-Independent (subcategory 189) – 60 points

Skilled-Sponsored (subcategory 190) – 60 points

Skilled-Regional Sponsored (subcategory 489) – 60 points

Points are given on several parameters and this includes:

Age, English language ability, Nominated occupation, Specific work experience, Australian qualifications, Application with your spouse, Australian Work Experience, and Regional Study, etc.

For the English language skills the maximum points up-for-grabs are 25.

For the nominated occupation the maximum points available are 60.

You can score 40, 50 or 60 points for your skill, or your nominated occupation. Select an occupation for which you are both skilled and qualified on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) and you can decide your points score.

For age the maximum points available are 30.  The younger you are, and the higher are your chances of getting high points. Old people are at a disadvantage.

For the specific work experience you may get a maximum of 10 points). In case your nominated profession is worth 60 points, and you have been involved with your nominated line-of-work for not less than the preceding three out of four years, you will get 10 points for specific work experience. In case your nominated profession is worth 40, 50 or 60 points even while you have been involved with skilled employment (in any particular profession on the SOL), for not less than the preceding three out of four years, you will get e 5 points for specific work experience.

For the Australian qualifications you can hope to get a maximum of 25 points.

For application with your spouse you may get a maximum of 5 points. In case your spouse (or de facto spouse) fulfills all the primary requirements above and can nominate a line-of-work from the SOL, and have his/her qualifications duly assessed as appropriate for his/her nominated profession, then you can claim 5 points on your joint petition.

For the Australian Work Experience, you can look forward to claiming a maximum of 10 points.

For regional study you can claim a maximum of 5 points.

Please Note: In case your partner is made a part in your petition, you may be given points if he or she can satiate the ‘basic requirements’, comprising age, English language ability, qualifications, nominated profession, fresh skilled job experience, or the 2 years full-time study obligation; and has received a positive skills evaluation from the pertinent assessing body for their nominated line-of-work.

The Australia Points Calculator ought to be employed as just a guide and not more. It lets you know if you will be entitled for the overseas movement under the Skilled Migration Programme. The same does not pledge that you will make the grade, and succeed in an application for the movement to the hotspot. You need to fulfill some additional requirements also.

Needless to say, feel free to check with your immigration agent to delve deeper. Abhinav Visa Consultants will be more than happy to assist and guide you.

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