Find Out What Australia PR Eligibility Criteria You Need Fulfilling To Enjoy Residency Benefits!

Australia PR Eligibility Criteria

The ‘Land of Milk & Honey’ Australia is regarded to be an amazing overseas destination for the discerning migrants. This highly developed global economy draws the maximum number of migrants from all parts of the world–majority of which try to get its Permanent Residence (PR) Status. You need to fulfill some mandatory Australia PR eligibility criteria to get that prized standing and get all that the nation offers to its lucky permanent residents.

It is possible to obtain the PR status using these popular visa classes, namely, the Subcategory 189, Subcategory 190 and additional nominated visas. The immigration procedure that the Australian officials duly follow is basically point-based which are scored on the basis of the credentials, including age, education, employment experience, language, abilities.

Australia PR Eligibility Criteria
Australia PR Eligibility Criteria

Australia PR Eligibility Criteria

As mentioned earlier, there are certain Australia PR Eligibility Criteria that you need to fulfill to get an Australia PR Visa.

  1. To begin with, you need to get 60 points out 100 in their assessment.
  2. You require presenting some important certificates/papers.
  3. Besides the usual certificates/papers, you need to present the IELTS test report & skill assessment report.
  4. You require choosing a suitable profession from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) on the basis of the specific requirements of the visa stream you are submitting an application through.
  5. You also require presenting health and character certificates.

Australia PR Benefits

If you successfully manage to get PR in the country, you will get numerous benefits some of which are mentioned here under.

Right TO Live Indefinitely

With the PR status you can move in and out of the nation as per your particular needs till your visa is legally valid (normally 5 years). The good news is that even after it has lost its validity, you can continue stay in the nation for an indefinite period though you won’t be able to move out. In case you still wish to travel, you will require pocketing a Resident Return Visa (RRV).

Freedom to Work

Thanks to your status, that of a permanent resident, you can may do a job for any recruiter/firm in any line-of-work. You cannot though work in the Public Service or the Armed forces as these are strictly restricted to those having the nation’s citizenship.

Education Benefits

The PR status also gives you the chance to pursue advanced studies. You can enjoy different good choices as far as College and University education is concerned. For example, you can access education loans. These loans are highly useful in managing your financial emergency that may crop-up, thanks to the additional expenses linked with your study. You may get help in paying your tuition costs and meeting other associated costs.

Right to Apply for Citizenship

There is a bucket of requirements to be fulfilled for obtaining citizenship in the Kangaroo Land, which is the final permanency that a person may hope to get. The standing may only be given to those who are Australia Permanent Residents.

Healthcare Benefits

An exceedingly essential benefit that you may obtain post obtaining PR is the reasonably priced health care. You may have access to superior medical coverage, via a health insurance scheme, called Medicare. You may get funded medicine and free treatment. What’s more: the health care benefits cover you family also.

However, to enjoy these benefits, you have to first fulfill the different mandatory Australia PR Eligibility Criteria first, mentioned elsewhere.

While we are on the subject, let’s check this relevant news report!

DIBP Planning To Regulate Permanent Residency

In what may perhaps not be music to some, the Australia Immigration Department, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), is reportedly mulling over the option of launching a Provisional Visa in their programme. At present, the immigrants may have to spend some time in a probationary period, prior to they may submit an application for Permanent Residency in the country. The present policy is rather stress-free, whereby any immigrant, having a Temporary Visa, may present a petition for Permanent Residency in the nation.

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