Work Out Requirements for Australia Immigration!

Requirements for Australia Immigration

If you are one of those who gets motivated at the very thought of Australia immigration, you need to check this blog. Here, you will find about the basic requirements for Australia immigration. But before we figure out the requirements for Australian Immigration, it will be pertinent to talk about the different top visa paths available to move to the destination.

Requirements for Australia Immigration
Requirements for Australia Immigration

So here we go!

Well, we have four main ways to move to the popular destination. We can shift, via family members, as a returning resident, via employment, and as a refugee or humanitarian migrant. Despite the fact that the procedure is slightly difficult and long drawn out, as per the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (the DIBP), since 1945, the nation has welcomed 6.8 million-plus immigrants.

Family Members

Australian immigration is obtainable to the fiance(e)s, domestic partners (comprising wives/husbands and same-sex partners), kids, parents and some other family members of the Australian sponsors. Qualified sponsors comprise Australian citizens & permanent residents and also some citizens of the neighboring New Zealand. Domestic partners typically are in a position to present an application for the cherished Permanent Residency, post two years.

Returning Resident

With a view to shift to the hotspot, as a returning resident, it is mandatory that you have spent not less than 18 years in Down Under at some specific point in your life, even as it is compulsory that nine of the same have been spent as a permanent resident.

Immigration via Employment

You can move to Oz via employment if you have sponsorship from Australian recruiters/firms. Not every position make the cut–this kind of visa usually is available to the trained manpower, employees in domains plagued with a dearth of skilled Australians, or the manpower hired by an industry association pursuant to a labor accord. The workers also may usher-in their immediate family to the Kangaroo Land on the said visa.

Humanitarian Immigration

The nation’s widely used Refugee and Humanitarian Immigration Programme is obtainable to those in Oz who make the cut as refugees. The people overseas can seek immigration to the destination in case they make the cut as refugees under the UN Refugee Convention or in case they stay outside their home nation and are exposed to extensive human-rights abuses in their home nation. It is mandatory for the overseas candidates to have sponsorship from a qualified person or body in the country.

Basic Requirements for Australian Immigration

This takes us back to the title!

With a view to gain admission into the nation, it is required that the potential immigrants have legally valid travel papers, complete a physical examination carried-out by a doctor approved by Australian immigration officials, and get hold of police reports from anywhere they have resided for not less than 1 year since they were 16 years old. Despite the fact that admission could be refused for certain factors of health issues or debauched character, some flexibility involving travel documentation is accessible under some particular situations.

Canberra is continually changing the laws & sometimes introduces surveying changes that are applicable to the petitions already submitted (but not processed). Prior to presenting a petition, check the latest regulations and requirements for Australia immigration.

It may well be possible that even when the latest requirements have been made public, they may not be introduced for numerous months or even years, and even be dismissed by the upper house (Senate) of the national parliament of Oz, post the lower house sanctions it

In order to be accepted for movement to the destination it is required that you fulfill the personal and occupational conditions of the particular class for which you’re submitting an application, and have good health & character.

Age: You need to be not less than 18 years old and less than 50 when you present the visa petition.

English Language: It is mandatory that possess what is called “Competent” English even as it denotes that you get not less than 6 Bands in each of the four modules of the IELTS.

Nominated Occupation: with a view to submit an application for a Skilled Immigration Visa, it is required that you nominate a line-of-work from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). In case your particular line-of-work does not find a mention in the SOL, then you will not have the eligibility to submit an application. You require getting your skills duly evaluated by the skill assessing authority.

Qualifications: You require having a university degree for majority of professions. While the qualification requirements depend on the particular nominated job it differs from one job to another.

Job Experience: You need to have employment experience in your particular nominated line-of-work or a closely related vocation.


To fulfill the requirements for Australia immigration, it is required that you proffer the duly certified reproductions of certificates, like birth & marriage certificates, educational & trade qualifications, not to mention employer references. Though assessments of some trade and professional qualifications may normally be done fairly rapidly, if they get referred to the Australian professional bodies the same may take a maximum of 6 months.

It is compulsory that each and every paper is certified by an authorized expert, a Justice of the Peace or other person sanctioned to observe statutory declarations. You need not send original papers unless you have specifically been asked to do the same.

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