Australia PR Points Test 2013

Self evaluation of your profile for immigration to Australian shores in always a better alternative. This will help you to actually assess yourself in light of the desired parameters present by Aussie authorities. Government down under is quite strict in terms of granting entry to people in country and has always followed comprehensive strategy to gauge suitability of candidates. This involves subjecting profile of applicants to point based analysis. If you are seeking to migrate down under permanently then this test gains more relevance as it can make difference between success and failure. Australia PR Test 2013 is continuation of July 2012 version and focuses on areas that have been prioritized by authorities.

Australian government has been very choosy in planning the shopping list of overseas candidates for Permanent Residence – Australia PR and always has laid preference on the age of new entrants. If you are aged between 25 years to 32yrs (inclusive) you have a greater chance of going beyond minimum cut-off point of pass mark of 60, as this age group is allotted 30 marks. Age groups that fall in between 18yrs to 25yrs (inclusive)  and 30yrs to 39yrs (inclusive) are allotted 25 marks. People   outside these age groups get lesser preference.

Next essential parameter of Australia PR Points Test is English linguistic skills. Authorities strictly prioritize selection of people with sufficient language abilities and IELTS 7 band in all linguistic areas is deemed necessary to be allotted marks. You can score to an extent of 20 marks provided you can evidence IELTS band 8.

Authorities prefer people with accumulated employment exposure in Australian environment over candidates who have accumulated employment outside the country. If your job exposure in your indicated trade is between 8 to 10 years then you can score 15 marks if this was outside Australian shores and 20 marks if this was accumulated inside Aussies shores.

The higher the level of academic accomplishment more the marks i.e. if you are Ph.D holder you can score 20 marks while post graduates can score 15 marks. Graduates are allotted 10 marks while people with vocations training and certification can score 10 marks. In this case it is necessary that academic accomplishments must have been attained either in designated Australian academic institution or in overseas institutions that are deemed at par with Aussie parameters.

You can score 5 points each on parameters defined under other specifications category of Australia PR Test 2013 i.e.

  • Accredited Community Language
  • Academic pursual in Regional Australia
  • Spousal skill
  • Professional Year in Australia

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