IELTS Exam for Immigration Australia 2013

Resulting score of attempted IELTS Exam for Immigration Australia 2013 forms an essential part of your request that you file for Australian residential permit under skills migration.

Aussie authorities intend to ensure an early establishment of migrants in local environment to enhance possibilities of an early contribution to productivity of country’s economy. As language is an essential element of survival skills, English linguistic skill substantiation has been defined and IELTS Exam for Australia Immigration has been defined as mandatory requirement for critical profile analysis.

Prominence of the bands achieved in International English Language Testing System is reflected in streams where EOI is subject to critical profile analysis i.e. your EOI is granted marks on basis of results information supplied by you during EOI creation process.

Ielts score primarily serve as marks (in sizeable chunk) scoring parameter in subclasses

  • 189 independent permanent
  • 190 provincial nomination permanent
  • 489 provincial nomination temporary

Profile can be allotted major chunk of marks in critical profile analysis i.e. upto 20 marks for evidencing appropriate English proficiency.

Ielts Exam is relevant in the business migration also and a candidate must evidence a minimum standard of English linguistic skills. Results accomplished in Ielts test help you score critical marks in point’s innovative test under the business migration class 188 for temporary residential permit.

The linguistic skills levels have been outlined as superior, proficient and competitive. The defined levels are correlated with benchmarks established by authorities in Occupational English Test – OET. For skilled migration and business migration streams OET A and OET B are deemed as sufficient standards and are appropriately compared with the IELTS Exam results.

There are 2 Ielts tests which an aspirant can attempt i.e. general test and academic. For skilled or business migration you need write only generals test until and unless academic test is advised by Australian immigration department – DIAC.

Comparable standards Aussie Linguistic parameters when compared to Ielts Exam for Immigration Australia are

  • Superior i.e. You must score minimum of 8 bands in all areas of language test (reading, writing, speaking and listening). This level can help you score 20 marks
  • Proficient i.e.  Your test results must reflect atleast 7 bands in all aspects of linguistic skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). This can help you score 10 marks
  • Competent i.e. 6 bands in all aspects of linguistic skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). This level is not granted any marks in critical analysis.

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