Australia PR Rules for Dependencies Need To Be Followed

There are a set of rules to be followed for attaining the prized Permanent Residency (PR) status in Australia. The name of the family member and the dependents should be clearly mentioned in the application in order to be on the safe side. It’s better to mention the name at the time of submission of application, for applying for a visa to Australia, and not face any problem afterwards.

Australia PR rules for dependencies are very simple, and if studied properly, can very soon help the immigrant to fly to Australia, and enjoy its PR. In case anybody forgets to add the name of the dependent, or of a partner, he can submit the application requesting to add the name of the dependent. The name can be added before lodgment. After lodgment, the name cannot be entered in the form, so due care should be taken while filling the form for dependencies.

Please note that you should state every family member on your visa-petition, even in case they (the dependents) have no intentions whatsoever to take a trip with you to Down Under. It is essential that you do it, in writing, prior to the concerned officials take a decision on your submission. In case you fail to do the same, your family members will lack the eligibility to file a petition to join you, post you have moved to the country.

Immigrants have to provide a valid proof of dependency and evidence to prove that the person is dependent on the immigrant. If the name of the spouse has to be added, then it should be accompanied by the valid prove to ensure that the spouse is his legally wedded wife. An attested copy of a marriage certificate can also be submitted as a proof. In case a person is in relationship, then he has to tell about his first meeting and how and where the relationship really materialized.

He has to inform about his future plans also which he may have decided for his and his wife ahead. As per the Australia PR regulations for dependencies, the characteristics of financial position are necessary for gaining the PR. Information relating to the house as to who is the owner of the house, bank statements, etc., may also be needed.

As far children are concerned, they are to be named in the application as per Australia PR laws for dependencies. For adding name afterwards, an application should be submitted, as mentioned before, before the decision on application is made. Once the application is forwarded, it will be difficult to add name afterwards. In order to enter your child’s name, you have to duly prove that the child is yours.

It can be proved with the help of child’s birth certificate, or if its adopted child, then a valid proof of adoption papers need to be presented. A child’s passport, along with photos, a health check-up stating that he is healthy & disease-free, should also be presented. And, the child should be under the age of 18years.

And, in case he is above 18 years, it becomes crucial to prove that the child depends on you for his basic needs of protection and survival. Any married child–who earns his own–cannot be regarded as a dependent, and hence does not enjoy the benefits of a dependent.

Visa Support & Guidance for Australia Immigration

A visa agent gives full guidance starting from the entry of name to the departure of the dependents family. Only registered agents should be approached for the visa purposes as they have full knowledge of Australia PR rules for dependencies.

If anyone forgets to add the name his deponents than nothing to worry the agents will provide complete assistance, and make you live with your family in Australia on a permanent basis, and enjoy the life therein with all facilities that you and your family be entitled for, as per the Australian immigration laws. So nothing to worry about! Visit a nearby immigration & visa office TODAY!

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