Australian cities becoming more reasonable for migrants

Are you a would-be migrant to Australia, and not very happy with the widespread held belief that most of the cities in the country are too expensive for the expats? If YES, here’s one news report which will, hopefully, bring a smile on your face, and will be like a New Year present for you.

As per a half-yearly cost of living research, the cities of Down Under have currently all dropped out of the international leading 30 costliest locations across the globe for migrants. Canberra & Sydney, both in the top 20 a year back, at the present, occupy the 39th & 31st position in that order.

Melbourne has become poorer by 22 positions to drop to the 45th position internationally only to be succeeded by the Australian city of Adelaide at the 46th position, Perth at the 47th spot, and Brisbane at the 54th spot. Significantly, the Darwin—the capital city of the Northern Territory–has dropped the most to engage the 55th position. The last year, it was placed at the 26th position.

According to a concerned person, in spite of the real costs of commodities for the Kangaroo Land heading north at a quicker pace this year in general, the noteworthy deterioration of the dollar against majority of the key world currencies denotes that places of Down Under are becoming low-priced once more, comparative to numerous other places across the globe.

Interestingly, certain cities from Asia–such as Hong Kong at 28, Seoul at 21, Shanghai at 18, besides Beijing at the 15 position–are amongst those which presently are placed higher up in the record of the costliest cities for migrants.

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