Australia PR Visa Process Explained Comprehensively

Australia PR Visa process

We need to follow the right Australia PR Visa process and move accordingly, if we hope to achieve something in life. Without following the rules and fulfilling the requirements, as decided by the concerned organizations, we cannot hope or look forward to getting what we may want. Yes, it’s a fact!Australia PR Visa process

This takes us to the topic under discussion–Australia PR Visa Process! To make the cut and get approval from the department of immigration and border protection or/and any concerned visa and immigration body of the country, it is mandatory to follow all the rules and regulations concerning the process. Without doing so, we cannot hope to successfully sail through the long and complex process.   

Thanks to its highly flexible visa rules, and other key factors, Down Under has gradually emerged as the Number 1 immigration destination in the world for the aspirants interested in migration to Oz. There is a couple of easy-to-follow ways through which a wishful migrant can grab prized and much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) status of the country.

The available options are Subclass 189, Subclass 190 Visa, etc., even as these allow hassle-free and smooth entry to the widely visited overseas immigration hotspot. The process starts right with the submission of an application for the most suitable visa up-for-grabs. The immigration procedure is fuelled by its points system managed under the SkillSelect.

According to this system, a person needs to score points even while the minimum requirement is 60 points. The so-called points are achieved on the grounds of the aspirant’s age, educational qualifications, language proficiency, employment experience, and sound financial condition to sustain his living while living in Kangaroo Land.

To start with the crucial Australian PR Visa process, the candidate needs to:

  • Collect Necessary Documents–A person needs to amass the necessary documents in connection with his education and employment experience. Apart from this, he requires to gather his travelling documents along with two more certificates, i.e., IELTS and skill assessment report issued by the relevant authority.
  • Choose Suitable Visa From Pool of Visas–From the visa pool he needs to select the most suitable for immigration. The visa must be the one that allows him freedom to work and live in the Kangaroo Land. Before proceeding with the Australia PR Visa process, it’s better to get each and every detail regarding its different visa categories.
  • Pick an occupation from the skilled occupation list–The skills that the nation runs short of or which are in demand are greeted with open arms in the nation. After selecting the visa category, the applicant needs to choose an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). If he is applying for some special province, then he needs to select an occupation out of that province’s SOL.
  • Apply through point based system–The next step following the PR Visa process for Australia is to submit an application through the country’s famous point based system. The minimum passing score is 60 points. These points can be grabbed on the grounds of age, work experience, educational qualifications, language skills, and adaptability of the aspirant to adjust in the nation’s atmosphere.
  • Other requirements–The process does not move forward until and unless the candidate has submitted other necessary certificates/papers. This includes health and character certificates. The applicant should be medically fit and should not have involved in any type of criminal activity. He needs to get these two important documents after going through a medical examination from the relevant authority and the character verified from the police station.

Australia PR Visa is a combination of online and offline activity. A person needs to submit an application online. This filling of the application involves very careful scrutiny of the form as no errors are entertained. Any mistake may lead to the rejection of the application and this will certainly not be a good situation. It is also expected that a person completely fills the form, and if he misses any question, then to his application could face rejection.

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