Know About Eligibility Requirements & Apply For Permanent Residency Canada!

Apply For Permanent Residency Canada

The ‘Immigrants’ Paradise’, Canada, is an incredible country with loads of opportunities to explore by skilled workers, and around the world the country is often referred as the country with rising opportunities. Here, the trained workers do not only get better employment opportunities but an opportunity to enjoy high standard of living and give better life prospects to their loved ones. Are you also looking to Apply For Permanent Residency Canada.

Are you eager to permanently live and work in the Maple Leaf Country? Most certainly your answer will be yes. You must think of using the Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP), through the same, you can apply for the Canada’s prized permanent residency status.

From January 1, 2015, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) merged the FSWP with the Express Entry System. To apply, the interested skilled applicants have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), by creating an online Express Entry profile.

FSWP: Eligibility Requirements

The applicants must meet the following terms and conditions:

  • Not less than 1 year of full time or comparable work experience through the previous decade in an occupation listed on the National Occupation Classification List (NOC), or
  • Through the Labor Market Impact Assessment the applicant must fulfill the requirements for the arranged job in the country along with an employment offer from a Canadian recruiter/firm (full time), and
  • He must be pretty fluent and have a good command in one of the country’s national languages, i.e., English or French.

Note: Additionally, it is compulsory for the applicants to score 67 points on the IRCC’ points grid system.

Following are the various selection factors and the points awarded under each category:

  • Language Proficiency: It is possible for each applicant to receive a maximum of 28 points, 24 points are awarded for the first official language and 04 points are given for the second official language.
  • Education: Applicants can make up to 25 points for their formal education.
  • Experience: Candidates can score up to 15 points for their paid, skilled experience that they have acquired in the last ten years, but to qualify, they must score at least nine points.
  • Age: On the basis of their age, it is possible for the candidates to receive a maximum of 12 points.
  • Arranged job: If the aspirants successfully meet certain requirements regarding the arranged job, they can earn up to 10 points.
  • Adaptability: Using various adaptable factors, applicants can earn up to 10 points.

Once a person meets the eligibility criteria and scores the minimum passing marks, he must be able to prove that he has enough capital to settle in the country along with the dependents once they reach Canada.  Finally, the candidates with dependents must undergo a thorough medical examination and also obtain a security clearance.

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