Australia’s Professional Year Evaluation Program

Australia, much famous for its cultural diversity, is a beautiful country. It also provides numerous opportunities to its immigrants, especially the skilled ones. No wonder, it is called “the Land of Opportunities”. According to a recent report, the Immigration and Citizenship Department of the country will take into consideration the assessment of the Professional Year program, during 2011-12.

In operation since 2008, this program in question is basically a structured development program, accessible to professionals, including Accountants, Engineers, and those from the IT. The main purpose of this evaluation program is to assess if the professional year program is really achieving its preset goals and targets, and also to recognize what improvements can be made to the program.

This program helps the graduates to find a suitable job. It also provides 5 points that can help in meeting the passing score for Skilled Migrants. The assessment program is designed to be transparent and open. All important shareholders — including students and ex- students, involved with the process, or affected by the assessment — will get the opportunity to contribute in the process of evaluation.

The said report also mentions that the students of the present and past Professional Year will also be asked to complete a survey that collects the basic information on demography, and will seek precise information about the Professional Year of each individual. This information will contribute to a discussion paper which is expected to be completed sometime during the early 2012.

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