What Eligibility Criteria for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) Are?

The qualification parameters for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program for Skilled Worker includes an applicant having a permanent full-time Saskatchewan job offer in any category in Canadian NOC list or in a job, in the designated trade list. You could also be on Temporary Work Permit working not less than 6 months.

Canadian Permanent Residents or citizens residing in province since the last one year or more can sponsor their family members, aged between 18-49 years, and having at least 1 year of post-secondary education. They must prove their English ability. A job offer from an employer in the Prairie Land or at least intentions to look for a job within the state, are mandatory.

The Eligibility Parameters for SINP for long haul driver are:

  • Temporary work permit
  • An employment offer in a Saskatchewan organization
  • English ability.

A physician, nurse, or professional in health profession residing in province for more than 6 months are eligible for the SINP. They need Temporary work permit and full time job

For Farm owner/operator, a prospecting visit to province in 2 years prior to filing application is mandatory.

General Farmer’s criteria are

  • A net worth of CAD$ 500,000
  • Intent to purchase a new or existing farm

As a young farmer, you must be maximum 40 years in age and have net worth of CAD$ 300,000. You need to submit a commercial farming project proposal.
General entrepreneur needs a net worth of at least CAD $ 300,000. Investment stipulation is CAD$ 150,000 in a new or an ongoing establishment in province. You must own 1/3rd equity and have active management role. Minimum management of experience 3 years is mandatory. A good faith deposit of CAD$ 75000 must be made.
Large scale investor needs an investment of CAD$ 10 million. Application is processed on a priority basis.

In science and technology section, you are deemed eligible, if you implement your patent, IT concept commercially through an active investment. You could also invest in an R&D company.

The qualifying criteria under Student category Post-Graduation Work Permit are:

  • Graduation from a recognized education institution in Canada.
  • A Post-Graduate work permit along-with 6 months experience in paid work in province
  • Permanent Full-time job offer

In Student Master’s and PhD Graduate Immigrant Nominee Program Saskatchewan Eligibility Requirements, you need:

  • A completed degree for an existing Master’s and/or PhD program from the University of Saskatchewan or Regina
  • To apply within 2 years of date-of-grant of degree
  • To Evidence ability to sustain in Saskatchewan by either of following
    • Permanent job offer
    • Spouse in full-time employment
    • Have enough money to survive

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