All about Canadian Primary Production Managers (Except Agriculture) Occupation

Are you thinking of applying for Canada immigration, under the Skilled Migration Category? If YES, it is the best time for you. At present, there are many skilled jobs available in this country, and if you have the required qualification and experience in any of the skilled professions, provided on the Canada Skilled Occupation list, you can easily apply.

The Primary Production Manager (except Agriculture) is one of the most demanding occupations in Canada. In case, you are able to meet the requirements of this occupation, you will automatically qualify to practice this job in the country. According to a source, a maximum 500 applications will be accepted by the Canadian government for this occupation.

Like other Canadian Skilled Occupations, this particular profession also involves certain types of duties and responsibilities. A professional Primary Production Manager has to perform the below mentioned duties…

  • Supervising and analyzing operations in mining, logging, forestry, quarrying, or gas and oil operations, or in services to mining, logging and gas and oil sectors, or in fishing business
  • Proposing changes in operation to senior managing authorities
  • Preparing reports of production for assessment by senior management
  • Discussing with other managerial people to set quotas for production, planning extraction locations and developing policies of removing raw material
  • Evaluating  production sites’ efficiency to determine adequate number of workers, technologies and equipments used, and making changes to the work schedule or equipment if necessary
  • Ensuring adherence to regulations for safety
  • Recruiting workers and supervising the training needs of staff
  • Giving direction in peripheral activities, like construction of roads or provisional living quarters.

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