As Australia is Going to Release New Skilled Occupation List, Hospitality Industry Fears About Labor Shortage!

As Australia is bringing changes to its immigration policies, many industrial sectors are worried about the labor shortages in the coming days! The immigration department of the country recently announced that it is going to replace its existing skilled occupations list Australia with a new list. Reportedly, the new list would include those occupations that are in high demand in Australia.

The changes to skilled migration policy will focus on occupations that are particularly in demand at the present scenario. Some of the occupations of this sort include healthcare, mining and engineering. But, these changes may lead to a labor crisis in many other sectors- hospitality being one of the sectors. According to a hospitality professional, who is the chief executive of Restaurant and Catering Australia, the new list of occupations may seem attractive to the Oz government, but he does not think it would meet the labor shortage in certain sectors.

To top it, Peter Doyle, the association’s president asserted that this particular hospitality industry in Australia always has the demand for skilled cooks ever since 1956, when Australia hosted the Olympic Games. But, the nation had never in a condition to meet the demand. Thus, he believes Australia should bring foreign culinary students to fill the demand for cooks.

Even thought the Immigration department announces the implementation of new changes in the skilled migration policies, the changes are not disclosed yet. The new list of occupations will be released towards the end of April this year.

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