Skilled Regional Sponsored Migration: New South Wales!

The Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa Program allows individuals with skills to enter the New South Wales New as per the occupational requirements of the regional areas in the state. This visa category that falls under the subclass 475/487, requires sponsorship from the state government or a Regional Certifying Body in order to help an individual to enter and work in the NSW.

Like any other visa category, the Skilled Regional Migration Visa also requires applicants to meet a number of criteria. Here are a few of them:

  • An applicant should not be above forty-five years of age.
  • An applicant should have a certain level of English language skills.
  • An applicant must gain at least 100points on the DIAC skills test.
  • An applicant must intend to live and work in regional New South Wales.

New South Wales accepts applications for sponsorship under the Skilled Regional Sponsored Migration category for regions- Southern Inland Region, Northern Inland Region, Riverina, Orana and Murray. The Regional Certifying Bodies in NSW are entitled to accept the applications for skilled occupations. But, before applying for this visa, one needs to verify if he/she has the qualifications that are recognized in Australia, as well as the listed occupations available in the regions.

In order to apply for sponsorship from any of the above mentioned regions, all one needs to do is to fill up the NSW From R and send it to the regional office, along with a copy of the skills assessment with application fee!

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