Australia Saw an Increase of Permanent Settlers in 2008-2009!

According to Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, the number of immigrants who hold permanent or temporary visas, and an intention to settle in Australia increased from 149,365 to 158,021 in the period 2008-2009. Immigrants accompanied by permanent or provisional temporary visas who intent to settle in the country are counted as permanent settlers.

Out of the total 158,021 permanent settlers, about 44 percent immigrants had entered Australia under the Work Visa Stream, while 27 percent was sponsored immigrants (under Family Visa Stream). Reportedly, most of the migrants were granted permission to settle in Australia under Skill Stream and Family Stream. New Zealand-and-United Kingdom-born people dominated a large portion of the permanent setters in 2008-2009. They accounted for about 30 percent of the total population of permanent settlers. This was, however, a decrease of 7.6 percent from the last year. Apart from New Zealand and UK, other prominent countries from where people migrated to Australia to settle there include South Africa with 40 percent; India with 11 percent; and China with 10 percent.

The report from the Immigration and Citizenship department also indicated that the permanent settlers in 2008-2209 are mostly concentrated in the states of New South Wales and Victoria, with 30 percent and 25 percent of respectively. As opposed to this, below 5 percent migrants chose to settle in states like Tasmania, Northern Territory and ACT.

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