Abhinav’s Consulting Fee for Canada Federal Skilled Clients Being Revised!

The last year witnessed a tremendous turn around for team Abhinav, making it world’s number one Immigration website amongst the various Immigration portals in the world. With increase in ranking, comes the responsibility to cope up with the growing market trends and demands. This is in addition to the massive expectations of our clients from all over the globe.

ABHINAV is one of the few immigration consulting companies in India that meets the requirements of the authorized representative. There is no point in hiring a consultant who is not providing you services of an authorized representative as it is requirement prescribed by Government of Canada. If such a service is not being provided by the consultant hired by you, then he is not making any value addition to your file. Government of Canada does not deal with an agent/consultant who does not meet the requirements of being an authorized representative nor can such an agent represent your application with Government of Canada in any aspect including filing of application, its follow-up on your behalf and appeal in case of any situation that may develop in relation to your application.

Also, new application procedures require costs related to international couriers at various stages. Add to it the ever growing costs of providing services within last few years in all aspects.

After a period of almost 5 years, ABHINAV is enhancing its consulting fee with effect from 1st of March’2010. However, keeping in our philosophy of being transparent we are pleased to maintain the current fee structure for all prospects who sign and pay as our clients by or before 28th of February’2010.

Clients can either go with the option of “One Time Payment” or choose for “Installments,” in accordance with their needs and preference levels. Click here to know about the amendments in the fee structure.

We hope to continue this endeavor and strive hard to maintain your trust and faith in us while offering world class immigration and visa consulting services in the future as well.

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