Australians Emigrating to Contribute to the Global Labor Market!

The fact that Australians are contributing to the global labor market can be justified by examining the annual Emigration report of 2008-2009. The report released in December 2009 says that record numbers of highly skilled people migrated from Australia during the period 2008-2009, thanks to the increasing demand for skilled workers in the global labor market!

According to the report, almost 81,018 people migrated from Australia during the aforementioned period. Out of the total, about 48 percent were skilled workers, while over 45 percent were young people, aged between 25-44. The significant part of the report is that 50 percent of the people who left the country permanently were Australian-origin. A vast portion of the workers was born in Australia only.

Here are a few other key attributes of the 2008-2009 Emigration report:

  • For majority of the people who left Australia permanently, migrated mainly to the United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong and New Zealand.
  • Out of the total migrated population born outside Australia, 20 percent were born in New Zealand, while 15 percent in United Kingdom.
  • About 69 percent of the population born outside Australia, resided in Australia for five or more years.
  • However, the entire population who left Australia permanently was not in the labor force. People who were not in labor force make up about 30 percent of the total migrated population.

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