Australia Sets To Target Asian Region For Skilled Migrants

Aiming to target more overseas skilled workers (mainly from Asian countries), the government of Australia has finally come up with a new plan of changing Australia visa and rigorous immigration requirements.

The Australian immigration minister Chris Bowen said that Australia seeks more skilled migrants and in favor of re-structuring visa requirements to make it simple.

A whitepaper report published under the name of ‘Australia in the Asian century’ clearly highlights the recommendations that emphasized on the needs of flexibility of Australia visa and immigration policy for skilled workers and open for Asian regions.

“Even our government made an unprecedented investment for offering territory education and enhancing skills of Australians, still Australia requires overseas talents who can bring their specialties in the country,” says minister Bowen.

Australia has been relied upon some European countries, mainly Ireland and the United Kingdom, for getting migrants. But, the emergence of some Asian nations (particularly India  and China) changed the whole scenario and got a huge attention as major sources of migration.

Bowen revealed that Australia is fully concentrated to target skilled migrants from the evolving Asian countries, fully focused on improving immigration network within the region. Besides, the nation also emphasized on improving online facility for targeting more Asian migrants to access the country.

Bowen further said, “we are also focused on luring tourists from Asian region by making our visa policy easier. Australia welcomes such people to visit and contribute in economic and cultural development.

“We must get benefited of notable increase of regional travel across Asia and booming tourism markets.”

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