Know How to add Family Members to Application

People applying for the Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) Visa or Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa are fully granted to include their family members in their applications. They are entitled to be asked by the department to add their dependents to their application, which must be done before approval of your application.

The task is proceeded by filling and filing the form 1022 (Notification of Charges in circumstances) to the office. The applicants must keep in mind that they will not be permitted to include family members in their applications, once they submit it. So, the decision of including the dependents must be made before lodging the application.

Moreover, going through the relevant information in terms of requirements of including your partners or dependents is much necessary task and every applicant requires completing. Besides, the applicants must also be ready for providing various evidences, if require, to prove their relationship with the partners or dependents.

Dependent partner

In case of partner, you must have enough to prove that you are legally married or having in a de facto relationship. To prove that, you need to offer documents like an approved copy of marriage certificate (by an official registry office) and other relevant documents to prove your genuine and ongoing relationship for 12 months.

Besides, you are supposed to offer some other proofs that have been listed following.

Detailed information of your relationship

You are expected to offer all the details of your relationship by providing a signed statement. The details must contain everything in terms of when, where and how you met your partner first, relationship development, financial support, domestic fights or arguments, beginning of emotional and physical commitment, separation (if it happens, then provide its reason, exact period of separation and more).

Proof of real and existing relationship

You must be quite clear while offering proof in support of your existing and genuine relationship with your partner by focusing within the four broad categories that include financial aspect, Social aspect, nature of household and your commitment.

Dependent child

Aside from partner, you are also granted to add your dependent child to the application by satisfying conditions like child and step child from previous partner. It will be substantiated by offering several proofs like a certified copy of DOB (Date of Birth) of your children, adoption papers (if applicable) and biographical data. Besides, you need to provide other documents like passport, and a copy of health certificate.

If your dependent child is 18 years of age or more, then it must be proved from your side that the dependent fully or substantially rallies on you for several basic needs. Moreover, if your dependent child is married or in a relationship (to be married) in that case, you will not be allowed to include them as a dependent in your application.

Other dependents

The applicant also gets a right of including dependent other than partner and child. The dependent relative can be added to the application by fulfilling following criteria.

a) The principle applicant should be only relative

b) Must not be married or in de facto relationship

c) Fully dependent on the principle applicant

d) Fully dependents on the principle applicant for getting financial support and several basic needs

e) Dependent relative must be your household

Supporting documents

One needs to have following documents to support the above facts.

a) A certified copy of date of birth

b) Proof in support of dependent relative living in your house

C) Must be fully dependent on principle applicant for a minimum last 12 years

d) In case your dependent relative is widowed, divorce or separated, then this must be proved by offering an adequate proof.

New born dependent child

If your dependent child is born outside Australia, in this case, the new born may be fully eligible to get Australian citizenship status by descent. In addition, if the child is born inside the country, will be automatically issued visa at the time of birth.

All dependents

If you are including other dependents, in this case, you may face difficulty in finding relevant proofs in supporting your genuine relationship. To support the relationship, you may be advised by the department for DNA test to prove the relationship. The department further helps you in arranging the test at your expenses.

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