Australia Short of Engineers, says Survey!

According to an annual engineering survey, Australia is in short of skilled personnel in this sector which would impact on the nation’s ability to grow. This in turn would put a limit on innovations in engineering.

Consult Australia conducted the Engineering Skills Survey. Based on the findings, it has warned that the ability to design and deliver the estimated $400 billion in infrastructure would be under threat. This target is set for the next ten years. So, solutions have to be brought out with the government and the industry working towards catering to these skill shortages.

The survey projected that about three quarters of the firms agreed that they are currently experiencing critical skill shortages along with stagnation in the total number of graduates. This was because in the previous decade, there was difficulty in searching for workers to cater to these jobs.

The most impacted of all the fields in engineering is civil engineering with more than two-thirds of the firms reporting of the deficiency. This is quite an appalling situation when it comes to the amounts being spent on infrastructure by the Federal and State governments.

Apart from civil engineers, there is also a shortage for the environmental engineers in the nation with one-thirds of the firms reporting the same. This is on the high priority list of the government with respect to climate changes, energy efficiency as well as sustainability.

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