UK Immigration Officers Arrested Illegal Immigrants in Newton Abbott!

Officers from the UK Border Agency arrested eight illegal migrants in Newton Abbott. These undocumented migrants were found in two separate businesses when a raid was conducted in this area. The raid was a part of planned operation run by the UK Border Agency to deal with the problems of illegal immigration, fake marriages, illegal working, sham colleges and other immigration related crimes.

The spots for the raid included the Saffron restaurant which is situated on the Queens Street. They checked the immigration status of the staff members of the restaurant and six men were found working there illegally. When they entered the restaurant, two men tried to protect themselves by hiding in some room upstairs but ultimately they were caught by the immigration officers. All the six men were from Bangladesh who came to UK for working purposes. Amongst them, three of them entered the UK illegally and other two were staying in the nation after the expiry of their UK Visa. And the sixth person was staying in the UK legally but he was breaching his visa conditions as he was not allowed to work in UK.

All of them were taken to Torquay police station for further enquiry by the immigration officers. They will be kept there as detainees till they will be deported from the UK as they are not allowed to stay in UK. Their employer will also be facing with penalty as a punishment for employing the illegal immigrants. Those who employ the illegal immigrants in their business are also punished and are subjected to heavy fine as civil penalty.

Another Chinese couple was found working illegally at Hoi Shan also located in Queen Street and arrested by Border Agency officers. The woman was thirty four years old and the man was forty four years old and they were also taken to Torquay police station for further enquires. They were failed asylum seekers who were staying in the UK illegally after their appeal for protection was refused.

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